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  • Would you like to start earning as an
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A Personal Message from Don Cotton

It is with many mixed emotions that I write this email to you today.

I am formally announcing that I am retiring as CEO. I love this company and I have loved serving you, so let me tell you why I am making this move now.

I have suffered through heart disease since my early 30’s despite always focusing on living a healthy lifestyle. My first problems showed up back when I was racing mountain bikes competitively. I have an unfortunate genetic lipid trait that, as it turns out, will require special treatment. I have not often shared this with many as I do not like having any sort of crutch. If you believe you can or if you believe you cannot, you have already made your decision!

As many of you know, I am a dedicated family man. My wife and kids are very dear to me and, for this and other reasons, I must seek a healthy solution now. Our products have helped me immeasurably and, even so, my condition requires that I will likely be entering a special lipid treatment program in roughly the February timeframe. It will require several hours a week of my time and will be extremely tiring. The good news is that this treatment shows incredible promise, so my family and I are believing that there will be a good outcome. I will be ok!

The good news is that we have created a great game plan for 2017 to make sure it will be our best year ever; in every one of our markets. I am so excited about this. The question is, who to lead us?  eXfuze needs and deserves a CEO who can put in the long hours needed to keep up with our hard-working distributors.

The Board of Directors and I have selected Robert Kelley to lead us into 2017 and beyond.  As you know, Robert has been with us for seven years leading our largest market in Japan. He is a former COO of Apple Japan (a $2 Billion-dollar business) and the CEO of two companies. He is an American citizen, with a Japanese mother, who has spent a good portion of his life in Japan and Silicon Valley. He understands both cultures very well. He has proven himself resourceful, smart and loyal to the cause of eXfuze and VivaKids. Robert is an executor and the right man to lead eXfuze. He will add tremendous value to our entire world and be focused on our shareholders, employees and especially our distributors. We have spent countless hours together all over the world and he is not just a colleague, but a good friend. I have faith in Robert and I think you will too.


During this time, I will help Robert have a smooth transition and I’ll personally be leading the charge on some creative initiatives behind the scenes, such as a possible new product that we are very excited about. I will still be around, I am a founder and an owner in eXfuze and I will be here, but in a less visible capacity, for at least a while. I will also help Rick in supporting our people.

The other positive news is that Nic Engstrom has agreed to become our new General Manager of the United States. Nic is smart, enthusiastic and what I would call an “expert” in MLM and field leadership. You’re going to appreciate his wisdom and vision.

Mike Seymour’s passionate and steady leadership, alongside Bruce Tu, Judy Wong, David Jackson and Rhys Jones and the rest of the eXfuze executive team will of course, help Robert and Nic as they hit the ground running in their new roles.

So please, stay positive, excited, and keep serving our cause which is helping people to achieve their dreams. Every day, you help those whom we support to believe that the opportunity exists where they can even begin to hope that their dreams could one day come true.

I know that eXfuze’s best days are ahead of us all! Let’s make 2017 great and I will see you soon.

God bless each and every one of you and know that it has always been my sincere pleasure and honor to serve you all.

Don Cotton